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DDI Bathware, About Us

D aDi Bathware was founded in 2010 by Dave and Diane. The company started in Sandy, UT with only eight tub molds and four employees. Two years later, DaDi moved to a new manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, UT and created its first one piece tub/shower. Adding subway tile and other styles to this unit, DaDi became the supplier for bathtubs and tub/showers to Ivory Homes, the largest residential home builder in Utah.

Today we are DDI Bathware has over 50 bathtub molds and freestanding tubs. The company recently expanded to a larger facility to fulfill ever increasing demand.

Why DDI?

DDI Bathware produces high quality tubs at an affordable price. As a local manufacturer, we can provide quality service and repairs without any hassle.


DDI Bathware manufactures seamless tub/shower combinations, acrylic tubs, and freestanding tubs. Our products come pre-leveled and are easy to install.


Check out our catalog to see all of our product details. All acrylic tubs are customizable.